Modify bundles in Hscript.

OPBOP can modify bundles.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
Date Modified:Wednesday July 30th, 2008 02:03 AM

//sets /obj/light1, not add, to bundle dan
opbop -v dan set /obj/light1

//adds to the bundle dan
opbop -v dan add /obj/light1

//add multiple objects to bundles
opbop -v dan add /obj/light1 /obj/light2 /obj/light3

//sets the filter
opbop -v dan filter '!!CHOP!!'


    !!CHOP!!                  Any CHOP
    !!CHOPNET!!               Any CHOP Network
    !!COP!!                   Any COP
    !!COP2!!                  Any COP
    !!COPNET!!                Any COP Network
    !!OBJ!!                   Any Object
    !!OBJ/BONE!!              Object: Bone Only
    !!OBJ/CAMERA!!            Object: Camera Only
    !!OBJ/FOG!!               Object: Fog Only
    !!OBJ/GEOMETRY!!          Object: Geometry Only
    !!OBJ/GEOMETRY,OBJ/FOG!!  Object: Geometry And Fog Only
    !!OBJ/LIGHT!!             Object: Light Only
    !!OBJ/SubnetObjects!!     Object: Nodes In Subnetwork Only
    !!POP!!                   Any POP
    !!POPNET!!                Any POP Network
    !!ROP!!                   Any Output Driver
    !!SHOP!!                  Any SHOP
    !!SHOP/ATMOSPHERE!!       SHOP: Fog Only
    !!SHOP/DISPLACEMENT!!     SHOP: Displacement Only
    !!SHOP/IMAGE3D!!          SHOP: Image3D Only
    !!SHOP/INTERIOR!!         SHOP: Interior Only
    !!SHOP/LIGHT!!            SHOP: Light Only
    !!SHOP/LIGHT_SHADOW!!     SHOP: Shadow Only
    !!SHOP/PHOTON!!           SHOP: Photon Only
    !!SHOP/SURFACE!!          SHOP: Surface Only
    !!SOP!!                   Any SOP
    !!VOP!!                   Any VOP
    !!VOPNET!!                Any VOP Network
    null                      No filtering