shop finder

Hscript that generates render passes.

Render passes done with Hscript.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
Date Modified:Wednesday July 30th, 2008 02:10 PM

# Author: Dan Lynch

foreach (`run("opfind -p $OBJECTCONTAINER -t shop")`)

    # for surfpath

    set numsurfpath = `chs("$z/numsurfpath")`
    if "numsurfpath" "0" then
        for 1 to $numsurfpath
              if `chs("$z/surfpath$d")` == "" then
            set surf = `chs("$z/surfpath$d")`
            set nurf $z/surfpath$d
            message $surf n $nurf

    # for dispath

    set numdisppath = `chs("$z/numdisppath")`
    if "numdisppath" "0" then
        for 1 to $numdisppath
              if `chs("$z/disppath$d")` == "" then
            set durf = `chs("$z/disppath$d")`
            set ndurf $z/disppath$d
            message $durf n $ndurf

    # for quicksurface

    if `chs("$z/quicksurface")` != "" then
        set quicksurf = `chs("$z/quicksurface")`
        set nqsurf $z/quicksurface
        message $quicksurf n $nqsurf

    # for quickdisplace

    if `chs("$z/quickdisplace")` != "" then
        set quickdisp = `chs("$z/quickdisplace")`
        set nqdisp $z/quickdisplace
        message $quickdisp n $nqdisp

    # test for geo

    set geocheck 0
    while ($geocheck==0) 
        set zed = `strreplace($z,"/"," ")`
        set lst = `evals(argc(${zed})-1)`
        set ltt = `arg(${zed},${lst})`
        set nzz = `strreplace($z,"/${ltt}","")`
        set z $nzz
          if `optype($z)` == "geo" then
                set geocheck 1

   # for shop_surfacepath

   if `chs("$z/shop_surfacepath")` != "" then
        set shsurfacepath = `chs("$z/shop_surfacepath")`
        set nsurfacepath $z/shop_surfacepath
        message $shsurfacepath n $nsurfacepath

   # for shop_displacepath  

   if `chs("$z/shop_displacepath")` != "" then
        set shdisplacepath = `chs("$z/shop_displacepath")`
        set ndisplacepath $z/shop_displacepath
        message $shdisplacepath n $ndisplacepath



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