Basic volumetrics using a meta cloud shader.

Volumetrics in Houdini. Includes an i3d hip file.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
Date Modified:Sunday August 03rd, 2008 01:43 PM

1) Put a particle system in a fog object

2) Make sure to have VEX Meta Cloud shader in SHOPS

3) Go to OUTPUTS...lay down a 3d texture generator

4) Reference the meta cloud shader in the SHOP path for the 3d textrure gereratior ROP

5) Select "Render as USE META/PARTICLE geometry"

6) lso reference the pop net in SOP path


8) Go to shops and  make a VEX 3d texture Fog

9) Reference the 3d texture that was rendered

10) Object shadowing can be checked as well as adaptive step

11) Apply the shader on the fog object


Vex Texture Fog...good to set density to 10 so mantra won't have to compute
to much transparency...speeds up render during testing.

Resolutions to use for metacloud
starting    32 32 32
testing     64 64 64
default     128 128 128
production  256 256 256

Vex Meta Cloud...turn on per point noise

You don't have to use META/PARTICLE Geometry...use other options as well.

When using an isosurface to visualize i3d, then you can turn up the divisions to get more accurate visualization.

Download: i3d.hip 231 KB

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