Light Instancing

Using the vm_light attribute and instancing lights!

Save memory and instance lights in Houdini.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
Date Modified:Wednesday July 30th, 2008 08:42 PM

Light Instancing -

You are telling the light that it is going to be an instance to a group of points.

1) Navigate to the Light that you want to instance.

Light Instancing -

2) Go to the Render tab of the light and check on Point Instancing.

3) Either drag and drop or select the points that will represent lights over the Point Geometry parameter.

This can be done with hscript as well:
opparm /obj/light1 ptinstance 1 partinstancepath /obj/instance_points

Light Instancing -

4) Make sure to add normals before applying the attribute create SOP. You can do this with a Point SOP. This gives your lights their direction based off of the Normal.

Light Instancing -

5) Add an Attribute Create SOP.

6) Change attribute name to vm_light

7) Change type to string

8) Add string attribute referencing operator definition for a light shader:

opdef:/Shop/v_asadlight docone 1 lightcolor 1 1 1

Light Instancing -

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