Object Instancing

Using the instance attribute to instance multiple objects.

Object instancing.

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Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

Instancing objects requires that you use two geometry objects, the geometry to be instanced, and the points to instance the geometry onto.

Here we have the points object and the model object. Notice the display flag is off of the model object, so the model itself is not rendered.

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

Inside of the points object, we are applying attributes which control how the instancing of the model will occur.

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

First we add a normal attribute, to control the orientation.

Here we also added a random rotation by using an expression in the nx and nz fields.

NX: $NX+fit01(rand($PT+1.123), -1,1)
NY: 0
NZ: $NZ+fit01(rand($PT+123.123), -1,1)

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

We can also control the scale of the model per point if necessary by using the pscale attribute.

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

This instance attribute is what tells Houdini which object to instance. If you do not have this attribute, then you must use the Point Geometry parameter to specify an object in the Render tab.

The reason you will want to use the instance attribute over the Point Geometry parameter, is that you can reference different pieces of geometry per point:


-this would cycle the objects: model1 model2 model3 model4 model5

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

On the points object, go to the Render tab and check on Point Instancing.
If you have the instance attribute, you do not need to put a path in the Point Geometry.

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

If you do not have the instance attribute on your points, simply put the path of the object you want to instance in the Point Geometry parameter.

Object Instancing - test.3daet.com

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