Shadow Instancing

Using the vm_shadow attribute in light instancing to get instanced shadows.

Shadow instancing.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
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Shadow Instancing -

Shadow instancing is in addition to light instancing, so we instance lights and shadows.

In addition to our light object, we have a points object that will become a series of lights that cast shadows.

Shadow Instancing -

1) Check on the Light's Render tab to make sure "Point Instancing" is checked on and a path to the points object is set.

Shadow Instancing -

Lets look in our points object:

Shadow Instancing -

2) Add normals using a Point SOP, setting the values to the default $NX, $NY, $NZ

The direction of the light is the reverse direction of the normal)

Shadow Instancing -

3) Add the vm_light attribute with an Attribute Create SOP.
something like:

opdef:/Shop/v_asadlight docone 1 atten 15 lightcolor `rand($PT)` `1-rand($PT)` 1 coneangle 15 conedelta 25

4) Add the vm_shadow attribute with an Attribute Create SOP.
something like:

opdef:/Shop/v_rayshadow shadowtype deep map "$HIP/shadow$PT.rat" spread 20

Shadow Instancing -

5) Navigate back up to the Light object's Shadow tab and fill in the same values you used the map parameter in the vm_shadow attribute. The only difference you must note is to use $IPT instead of $PT.

6) Also check on "Auto-Generate Depth Map" and "Deep Shadow Generation" toggles.

7) Leave the SHOP Shadow blank.

Shadow Instancing -

8) Turn off the "Auto-Generate Depth Map" when you are pleased with results.

Sometimes you can get clipped shadows. You can fix this by adjusting your focal length in the light you are referencing.

You also may need to turn up the Z-Depth Samples in the light shadow tab if you get jagged edges on your shadows.

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