City Builder HDA

This procedural modeling Operator Type Library allows you to build fly-through animations fast while building a city based on a curve.

This OTL provides fast procedural modeling tools that allow a user to build roads, buildings, street lights, contruction barriers, powerlines...etc. All placement is based off curves and there is a lot of artistic approach to this OTL.

Date Created:Friday December 29th, 2006 03:41 AM
Date Modified:Tuesday July 29th, 2008 09:48 PM


Drop down "DPL OTL Control" in obj.
   -A window will pop up; right click to keep window "on top".
   -Unsync the OTL_control1 node.

Use the add menu to draw curves for objects. Make sure to hit the initialize button.

When recurving, use local curve to recurve specific added objects paths.
Use the global curve to take use of the "bake" option, to autoplace curves.
   -You can resample curves by entering floats 0-1 to add points,
   -You can resample to have less points by entering integers 1 and greater.

See results of this by first using recurve on the local tab. Then resampling. You actually
can see the points and they are selectable.

Baking curves uses the global curve set to place curves along side of the global curve.
Raying the curves takes the current used curve, and rays the curve onto the ground object.

Jump to Menu: This allows you to jump to the otls you are controlling. This can be useful
for making specific changes.
  -This is good for accessing the curve manager.
     The Curve Manager allows you to store curves that you like in the contents
     of the otl itself for easy access.

Allows you to set camera paths, and resample the points along path.
Render Manager allows you to find all mantra nodes in file, and change paramters from one place.

City Builder HDA -

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