Our Philosophy

Our mission is Education.

Computers have liberated us from the dusty scholastic era of traditional computation, and thus, this website has manifested itself from an impetus of shared knowledge. Realizing the importance of utilizing the full potential of combined knowledge to make meaningful contributions, 3Daet is dedicated to expanding the outer limits of universal knowledge. That knowledge today is anything from the underlying principles of the profound mathematical concepts and computational algorithms, to byte streams and .hip files. The idea is to use the imparted knowledge from aggregate sources to advocate the creation of supplemental learning tools. These tools, used by artists, students, professors, directors, producers, and you, can build foundations as a precursor to our future's successful and meaningful experiences in technological and human advancement. New learning methods and shared knowledge will accelerate education in a way that provides it higher standards so that it catches up to the technology. These new horizons will empower the future pioneers of science and technology to explore new frontiers progressing from the technology revolution and information exchange era we live in today. Live it up.

Dan Lynch
Founder of 3Daet

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